Paul Gauguin - Women and white horse 1903

Women and white horse 1903
Women and white horse
1903 73x91cm watercolor/paper
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA

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From Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
At the end of his life, immobilized by chronic syphilis and heart disease, Gauguin continued to paint the lush landscapes that surrounded his house on Hiva Oa, a Pacific island in the remote Marquesas chain. A Technicolor cascade of mountainside and tropical vegetation frames the frieze-like group of three native women and a white horse, an animal sometimes associated in the artist’s work with death or transcendence. On the hilltop above stands a single cross—a rare acknowledgment by Gauguin of French missionary activity in Polynesia. It marks the cemetery where the artist’s body was laid to rest shortly after he completed the painting.