Paul Gauguin - Pastorales Tahitiennes 1892

Pastorales Tahitiennes 1892
Pastorales Tahitiennes
1892 87x113cm oil/canvas
Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

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From Hermitage, St. Petersburg:
Gauguin intially spent two years in Tahiti (1891-1893), before returning in 1895. This work was painted during that first stay and it captures the idyll of the natural primitive life which Gauguin sought when he set off for Polynesia. He combined this romantic dream with his vivid impressions of the exotic landscape and wildlife, the unusual appearance of the islanders and their natural grace, their mysterious beliefs and rituals. One of the Tahitian girls is playing a flute: the Tahitians devoted flute music to the goddess of the Moon. It is evening, when the sun sets and the times of ritual dances and music in honour of the goddess begin. Beside the dog is what is probably a vessel for sacrifices of small birds and such like, carved out of a pumpkin. The painting is made up of a combination of pure colours, a rhythmic arrangement of lines and broad areas of colour, which is in harmony with the musical theme.